The castle of sand that collapsed - Stieg Larsson

Castle of Sand, which has collapsed” is unfortunately the last part of the trilogy “Millennium”. It differs from the other two. This time, Larsson focused on the activities of different departments and the mechanism of government’s work and created a political thriller on a very high level.

The end of the second volume is also the beginning of the third. Lisbeth Salander, during the fight with her father and step-brother, is shot in the head and buried. Nevertheless, she manages to survive and deals with her father, a former Soviet agent. She goes to hospital as suspected of numerous crimes. The only person who can help her is Mikael Blomkvist.

The castle of sand that collapsed - Stieg Larsson

Stieg Larssons thriller’s precision wowed for the third time. The book contains nearly 800 pages of fast paced action, during which you can not get bored. In addition to the history of Salander, which takes place from the second volume, there are further information about the Swedish government, prepared to sacrifice a lot of people to cover up their activities.

Respect will also raise for Larsson’s knowledge. Knowledge of political and social issues, makes all three parts incredibly consistent. A few critics have accused the author of overt advertising of Swedish brands. In my opinion, this procedure has further reinforced the authenticity of the story, especially for people familiar with the rustic realities. “Castle of Sand, which came down” is, unfortunately, is the last part of the saga. Continuation of criminal series was broken by Larsson’s sudden death. The media, however, spread the information about the possibility of the fourth part, which writing Stieg Larsson began shortly before the illness.