The Collector - Alex Kava

The Collector” by Alex Kava was published in March 2011. American champion of psychological thriller in her latest book takes readers into the heart of the raging storm on the sunny Florida.

The Collector - Alex Kava

The main character of “Collector” is an FBI agent - Maggie O `Dell. The story begins with finding drifting on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico refrigerator filled with human remains. Since that time, Agent O `Dell will try to unravel the still emerging new vicious crime and find the murderer of disappearing people. Who collects and why precisely cuts pieces of the human body? The investigation conducted by Maggie helps her two experts: a specialist in hurricanes - Charlie Wurth and infectious disease specialist - Colonel Benjamin Platt.  

For residents of Pensacola, there are three real threats: the approaching hurricane Isaac, increasingly expanding epidemic of unknown etiology and the psychopath attacking more often, killing people, later cutting them into pieces, because every part of the body is a living cash for him. And apparently an organ donor can save lives of about 50 persons ...

The idea for the plot is very interesting, however, Kava’s “The Collector” is not the best example of literature that builds tension. In the book, there are weak characters, speaking the same dialogues. On the other hand, ending is not so surprising, it can be expected. Thriller attracts with a beautiful cover, an interesting description and a well-known name. In fact, it’s just a boring story, which is hard to read until the end.