The Girl Who Played with Fire - Stieg Larsson

The second part of the saga of the Millennium, by Stieg Larsson whose name is associated with great Swedish thriller, this time pushes Mikael Blomkvist into the background, and focuses on the mysterious Lisbeth Salander. I must admit that this is an excellent move. The novel takes on a new dimension, and the reader has a chance to find a lot of answers to questions that sure bother him after reading the first part.

The Girl Who Played with Fire - Stieg Larsson

Lisbeth Salander is accused of the murder of journalist and his fiancée, who engaged in tracking human traffickers. The results of their investigation was published in the magazine “Millennium”, which publisher is Mikael Blomkvist. The evidence clearly indicates  the fault of Salander, whose search is begun by all of the Swedish police. The most intimate details of her life appear in the media, suggesting to the public that Libby is a psychopath, satanist,  lesbian and a serial killer. The one who defends Salander is Blomkvist. He begins a private investigation and discovers many secrets, in which secret Swedish police is involved.

Stieg Larsson shows the naked truth about the Swedish justice system, which is not so perfect. Women trafficking and corruption appear to be part of this perfect country. What will also shock the reader are intimate relationships Swedes have, accepting sex with casual partners, or cheating, on a daily basis.

The second part of Larsson's trilogy , “The Girl Who Played with Fire” certainly fulfilled the expectations of both literary critics and readers. After the first bestselling novel, the majority feared that another volume will not be able to match the first. It turns out that the new 700-pages Swedish crime novel is a masterpiece in its field and with no doubt its worth recommending to anyone.