Author and video game tester

Many young people believe that the creator and game tester is a dream job. Is working in the computer gaming industry so interesting and profitable?

game tester

First of all, it should be noted that as a game testeryou should have more skills than a passion for playing. You should have an understanding of foreign languages ​​and logical thinking. You will probably have to repeatedly go through the same piece of the game, which certainly is not very interesting. Testers also need to check the stability of the game, playing it in the most dynamic moments or by collecting many different heros on a screen.

Other task is to test the language versions, and so the exact reading of each dialogue. The vast majority of the time, however, the tester spends on writing reports about detected errors.

Game developer job is a bit more interesting. It is best for creative people, with a head full of ideas and the courage to implement them. There are lots of possibilities: you can work as a designer, marketer, programmer or developer of dialogues. The main idea is to be good at what you do. Good specialists can really earn a lot in this industry. Earnings significantly exceed the national average, however, it is worth noting that you need to wait up to several months for the profit until the game goes on sale.