How to survive while working in the cold

On the coldest days, most of us limit activity to walking to the car. However, some do not have this option - they have to work outdoors. Among those who have to work outside are builders, messengers, newsboys, postmen and those who park cars. How do they survive during cold weather?

snow removal

There are lots of ideas. The method for frost protection also depends on the type of work. Couriers ride their bicycles very quickly, builders warm up with heaters. In any profession it is very important to select appropriate clothing. It is best to dress in layers. Several layers of clothing effectively protect us against the cold, and at the same time provide adequate ventilation.

It is worth being aware that during the cold winters employers have a duty to provide their employees with appropriately warm clothing. In addition, the employer must quarantee its employees hot meals and a room where they could warm themselves during the break. In this room there should be a minimum temperature of 16 Celsius degrees. Employees who are dissatisfied with working conditions provided by employer, may file a complaint. Employers who do not care about the health of their workers are subject to heavy fine.