The European Job Mobility Portal

Looking for a job outside your own country? In order to be successful use the European Job Mobility Portal, increasing your chances of getting a dream position! This portal is the easiest way to find information on any job offers, as well as the possibilities of education in Europe.

Announcements of job offers come from as many as 31 European countries! You will not find a richer base of offers collected in one place. In this portal after logging for free, you can create your own profile with CV translated to multiple languages. With CV in many languages, candidate is easier to find for potential employers who are free to browse the resumes posted on the site.

The European Job Mobility Portal provides efficient communication between job seekers and job providers. This portal is not just information about the job offers - it also provides knowledge about living and working abroad in different countries, and other valuable tips, given by the EURES network. It supports and guides the potentially mobile workers, and provides advice to employers willing to obtain workers from other countries, becoming very popular and creating channel of communication between them.