Trial day at new job

You managed to find a job. Your prospective employer offers you to work one trial day to test your skills. Should you accept it? Yes, but only under condition that the employer does offer you a suitable salary!

new job

According to law, there is no work without pay. Even in the case of a single trial day, employer must pay the employee a salary. Many job seekers are not aware of it. They are so determined that they agree to work for free, hoping that it will allow them get a permanent employment. Unfortunately, reality rarely matches their expectations.

Employers use the ignorance and naivety of workers, often employing them at trial only in order to gain free labor, and later tell them to leave without paying a dime. What if we are treated in a similar way? It is best to report the matter to the authorities. Reporting this type of abuse is not too common. Workers believe that employers have the right to proceed in this way. Even if there are some that believe otherwise, the pay rate for one day of work does not seem to be worth the effort. It should be noted that as long as we do not change this approach, employers hiring free labor remain without any consequences.