Courier on a bike

What is the way to avoid the traffic jams? The answer is bike! It is a solution simple and not new, but very effective. It benefits couriers, who deliver packs within city range moving with single-track vehicle.

courier on a bike

In their case, cycling is not a form of relaxation. What matters is fast delivery - the more packages are delivered, the more you earn. No wonder that they speed as much as they can on the congested streets. Bike allows them to move around the city much faster than a car, especially during peak hours when cars move meter by meter in traffic.

In comparison with other bikers, they are not only distinguished by their high speed at which they operate. They typically ride road bikes. No matter what time of year, they are dressed in the same characteristic way. The head is always covered with helmet that provides them with security. It is important to be safe while driving at breakneck speed through the streets full of cars. The drivers know them very well. They usually try not to be on their way. They know that couriers are able to fight for their own. It was them who first organized blockades in the cities, reminding car drivers that cyclists are full participants in the road and they should respect them.